Challenge yourself in the game Springy Squares, jump to the stars! 

For this noble purpose, our square springy friends are perfect. Pull them for different parts of the body, and the rest will be done by physics... well, almost. 

But not everything is so simple! Gravity, traps, slippery surfaces - all this interferes with your super important goal. And then all sorts of useful things come to your aid, such as a teleport. 

You can also unlock other characters and change from one beautiful square face to another at any time. 

The game features four game modes: 

* "To the top!" - here you need to get to the highest platform; 

* "Flood" - water will follow you, hurry up! 

* "Endless" - endless jumps up; 

* "Jumping with friends" - compete with friends up to four people. 

There are three levels of difficulty in each mode: from easy - for beginners to comprehend the skill of jumping, to high - for those who crave a challenge. 

What are you waiting for? Forward to the stars!


How to Play

In all modes except endless, you need to get to the topmost platform. Management takes place using the mouse or keyboard. 

Mouse control: move the cursor over the character's head or arms, hold down any mouse button, drag and release. 

Keyboard controls: use the spacebar to jump; to stretch the hands, use the arrow keys (left arrow - for the left hand, right arrow - for the right hand). The keys for stretching the hands can be inverted in the settings.

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